Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preggy Me @ 37 Weeks

Our visits to the OB have been weekly now. During our last visit, I learned with much horror that I gained another 2lbs. (2lbs in 1 week!). Seems like I’m catching up with my wieght gain. Good thing though is that the estimated weight of our baby is now 6lbs. So still not bad atleast my baby gained weight too. Our OB also taught Joema how to wear medical gloves because he will cut the baby’s cord. Didn’t know there’s a right way to do it (it’s because the outside of the gloves is sanitized and you can’t touch it with your hands). She told him that he shouldn’t hesitate to cut the cord since the baby won’t be hurt by doing so. They will wait until the throbbing of the cord stops before cutting it. We were both so excited while our OB was teaching him. It felt so real now hehehe.

Pregnant me at 36 weeks and 4 days.

But I’m still going to work. No signs of labor yet. But if last week I’ve been avoiding walking (per my OB’s instructions), now I can walk all I want. The other day, I went out to the mall during lunch time after almost 4 months!!! We ate at Jollibee and Jollibee never tasted that good ahahaha! I've also stopped taking duvadilan since we're already on term. (40 weeks is full term, while 37th to 39 and 6 days is term if you didn't know).

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