Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Shower ala Flower Puff Girls

I was so touched with the baby shower my Flower Puff Girls have thrown - well, this was a joint baby shower for me and Mads but still. The effort they've put into every detail of the shower was just overwhelming. We knew the date and the venue but everything was kept from us, every single detail was a surprise. When we entered the room, the lights were out and then everybody said "Congratulations!" They were taking our pictures and recording a video of us.

We were all so hungry, we had to eat first. See, I was first one to get food hehe.

Then the games began. For the first game, we were asked to list as many baby items as we know. And then afterwards, when another group has the same item in their list we had to cross out that item from our list. The goal is to list down baby items that the others groups did not think of. The winners got their price but the losers were asked to wear bibs!

For the next game, we had to guess the word that will complete the nursery rhyme correctly. Our group won!

For the last game, we were given letters that we need to sort out and put into words based on the clues given to us. The words were mostly about pregnancy. And because I've read books and attended birthing class, my team won again! Which was a good thing because the losers had to wear diapers hahaha!

After the games, came another surprise! Our husbands came! And there was also a game for us with our dear hubbies. You know that game, when you they ask questions and you have to have both answers correctly. The questions I remembered that were asked were: "What part of your wife darkened?", "Where did you get baby's name?", "What was your wife's waistline before she got pregnant?" (so happy Joema got this right!). It was actually fun, well mostly because Joema and I had the same answers and we won the game hahaha! While we were doing the game, the girls were busy preparing for the next game. They had strings cut to the length which they think fits our tummies. I was hurt they thought I was that big hahaha! Here's L fitting her string around M's tummy.

And then came the gifts! We actually gave them a wishlist so the gifts aren't really a surprise. But it still is so nice to open gifts and find out how much you like it. They gave M a grooming and health kit, while they gave me baby beddings.

The fathers came bearing gifts too! I was teasing Joema why his gift is wrapped in a small box while B (M's husband) had a big wrapped gift!

It turned out Joema bought the one item I wanted the most from my wishlist - a Moses basket from Babinski baby. (I'll post about it another time.) So why the small box? It only contained a printed photo of the basket because the basket has to be ordered online. Actually, the girls were the one who ordered it online, Joema paid. So thanks to them are still in order.

It was a really wonderful baby shower! I am overwhelmed with the love they put into making it possible. Thanks to new amazing friends! I've known them only for a short time but they didn't hold back in showering us with their generosity.

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