Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This Is It!

29 January 2011 3:30pm

After pre-labor room, I was wheeled into the lamaze room of Medical City. In the lamaze room, the patient is allowed to have one companion who will be with you the entire labor and delivery of your child. Going to the lamaze room, we passed by the labor room and the delivery room although I didn't see much what was inside since we just passed by them in the hallway. The lamaze room in Medical City has pink walls, the hospital bed with the different monitors beside it, a purple sofa, a small television set and other medical stuff. Joema entered the room at the other side where he has to go through a sterile area and he had to change into scrubs.


I think another IE was done but the result was still 5cm. Honestly, I don't remember how many IE's were done to me before the actual delivery, I can only guess and try to remember. But I think this was the last one done when I felt the pain while the resident did the exam. I was grateful my friend warned me that IE's can be quite painful, "para kang nire-rape" is how she described it.

By this time I think my parents and brother already arrived in the hospital. Joema went out to meet them and show them the room he got.


The anesthesiologist, Dr. Mike Reyes, arrived to give me epidural. I still have not felt any labor pains. The midwife who was with me the whole time and was monitoring the contractions was amazed that I'm not feeling any pain because she said the contractions are already strong. As I've said, I know I'm having contractions because the "belt" that was wrapped around my waist to monitor them tightens every time I have contractions, that was my only cue - no pains. So Dr. Mike asked me to lie on my side, the midwife helped me to crouch a little and then the anesthesiologist pricked my back with a needle. He was also quite amazed how calm and cool I was with everything and wished every patient was like me. I was beaming with pride while deep down inside I was cursing Joema for not being there with me while the epidural was administered. I did feel a little pain when I think air passed through the hole they made in my spine. Dr. Mike explained that since I was not feeling the pain of the contractions, our basis if the anesthesia was working will be the IE's. He said I should not be feeling the pain anymore when they do the IE if the epidural is already working. The initial shot they gave, he said, will take effect in 30 minutes and will last for two hours. After that I have the option to either ask them again to administer another shot or they can give me a button wherein I can administer the epidural myself. He said I will not overdose with the second option because it was set up so that it will only administer 4 shots within an hour. So even if I push that "magic button" 10 times only 4 will be administered. So yes I opted for the magic button.

Joema was back in the lamaze room after I've had the epidural although he was still able to meet our anesthesiologist. I was upset with him for not being there. He said my parents brought him dinner and they told him to eat before going back to me because they knew the wait might take long. So I forgave him, no point in getting angry with him anyway.

After 30minutes I think another IE was done. Lo and behold, the epidural works! Epidural-1, IE-0! Yey haha! Although I was still 5cm dilated. Tsk, tsk!


I've asked for the button now, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to bear the pain. My OB's intern (I think) had to ask the anesthesiologist's resident for the button because they did not leave it with me. Funny coz the button was just there, right beside the apparatus hehehe. Anyway, the intern was a guy. I remember feeling "bwisit" that he takes a peek everytime an IE was done to me. But what can I do?


I fell asleep and was woken up by a resident asking if I've already peed. They need my urine for testing. So they had to put a catheter to get my urine. It was my first time to use a bedpan.

My OB arrived and did an IE again. She was updated on my status - strong, regular contractions, no pain yet. She said that I was still at 5cm and the baby's head is floating which she said wasn't the case in the clinic earlier in the day. So they had to burst my waterbag (although I realized it much later, I thought I was still peeing hehe). They also gave me some meds through the IV which helped progressed my contractions. After that, I was feeling the labor pains. The pain I felt was just like what I feel when I'm having dysmenorrhea although it didn't spread from my tummy to my lower back as what I've read in some books. I only felt it in my abdomen area. It was still manageable although I think it was also because of the epidural. Since there was another apparatus hooked to me which took my blood pressure every 5 minutes (I knew because I heard the doctor said to set it to 5mins), I just count to three the number of times it took my BP and then push that magic button.

The resident also asked my to lie on my left side (for blood circulation) and the bed was half-raised so that gravity will help the baby go down. When they raised the bed, the button of my epidural was disconnected to the tube because I was lying down on it. I was almost paranoid I destroyed the contraption. But no worries, the doctor just connected the tube again and everything's fine.


The resident went back and did another IE. She said I was already 7cm dilated. Whew! Everyone was talking about how there are 3 other pregnant women in the labor room but not all of them are in active labor yet. One was even only 1cm dilated and another one was due to be transferred in the lamaze room after we use it.


The resident did another IE and said I was about ready. So she asked me to practice pushing. So I did push when she asked me to do so. I just had to remember what my OB taught me. The resident said I did a good job pushing. And then she gathered everyone else for my delivery. (Or did she do an IE around 11pm and return to me around 11:30pm to practice pushing? I don't quite remember now.)

Anyways, after that everyone was inside the room,my OB and her residents, the pediatrician's residents, the anesthesiologist and his residents, midwives and nurses. They had propped the stirrups and everyone was seeing my woohoo hahaha! But I couldn't care less honestly, I was just excited to push my baby and see her. My OB had me practiced my pushing again. I couldn't hold the handle of my bed on my right because my hand was swollen from the IV needle. But I had to still hold it while pushing. By this time, Joema had his gloves on and our camera was passed on to one of the residents to take the picture.

The pushing was done with every contractions. Three sets of 10-second-pushing for every contraction. On the first and second contractions, I pushed and pushed and pushed. And a female resident was bearing down on my abdomen as well - I forgot the term it was called but my OB said that this was really usually done to help the baby down the pelvic area. Joema later told me that during this time, I didn't have a clue but my OB was already doing an episiotomy and was just keeping me distracted telling me how good my push was but *cut cut* she did haha! Anyways, on the third contraction, Dr. Mike was the one who pushed down on my abdomen and all of a sudden I heard my baby crying.

30 January 2011, 12:40am

Our baby! Miya's first photo outside my tummy.

I was almost in tears when I saw her. My OB placed her on my tummy and my immediate reaction was to hold her. When I was about to hold her, almost everyone was like shouting "no, no, no" but my OB said it was okay to touch the baby because she's not sterile yet. So I was able to hold her.

Joema cutting the cord.

Our first family photo. Funny coz I remember telling Joema and the resident holding our camera that I want a family picture.

Miya getting cleaned up.

She's still crying.

My two greatest loves


Anonymous said...

Congrats on another milestone! We have the same OB and I think I have seen you 2 or 3 times in her clinic.

God bless you and your family!

anabanana said...

Congrats! on your bouncing baby Girl! Godbless!

Anna said...

Oh my gosh, Cris! I just now read your comment! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is adorable! I'm glad you and Miya are healthy and safe!!!! Got teary-eyed reading your entry! I am so happy for you and your new little family!!!!

cris said...

@anonymous, thanks! wish you'd left your name :)
@anabanana, thank you!
@anna! thank you, thank you! mag-blog ka na ulit please. i super miss your posts!

Liz said...

wooow! congrats!

cris said...

thanks liz! :D musta?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Cris! I was following your blogs on your pregnancy which i can say i learned a lot! Thanks to you! :)

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