Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miya's First Seven Days

I've read somewhere to take photos of your child on her first seven days then monthly after that. Although I'm sure a lot of parents, like us, take photos of their child as much as we like or as often as we see them oh-so-cute!

To document Miya's first seven days with us here are her photos.

Jan 30 - Yawning..still sleepy!

Jan 31 - Look at those chinky eyes

Feb 1 - Refreshed after bath..she looks so bango

Feb 2 - Ooooh! hehehe

Feb 3 - Sssshhhh...our baby's sleeping

Feb 4 - Wrapped like a burrito

Feb 5 - Wacha looking at?


~currant7 said...

congrats to the both of you!!!
baby Miya's too adorable for words!
i'm so glad that you and baby are doing well and good now. :)
get some rest and do keep in touch soon!

we have to meet up for a play date or something! :)

cris said...

thanks cheryl! you're baby is so cute too! sige let's set up a play date when Miya's more responsive to people na hehe :)

Anna said...

Am late - but still ecstatic for you! CONGRATULATIONS ON BABY MIYA!!!! She's adorable! Na-excite ako when I saw the baby pictures in your blog!!! Congratulations to you and your hubby!!!

cris said...

Hello Anna! Thank you so much! :D

Anna said...

Cris! I am loving all the baby clothes, especially the pink heartbreaker onesie! Teehee! Ang sarap rin talaga ng baby girl!!!

TwistedHalo said...

Congrats Cris! Those CHEEEEEKS!!! Kyot kyot! Gusto ko na rin ng bebe!

I read earlier that you commuted via MRT before di ba? I'm kinda blaming the commute for my inability to get preggers hehe! :)

cris said...

thanks thanks! mas chubby cheeks na baby ko ngayon. will try to post more recent photos.

naku totally tinalikuran ko yang MRT nung in-advise ako ng OB to avoid physical activities. dahil ata sa akyat-baba sa MRT kaya ako naging medyo high-risk on my 2nd trimester. hope you get pregnant soon. :D

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