Monday, April 25, 2011

Miya's Holy Week

How was your Holy Week? Ours was spent at home and visiting relatives.

Holy Monday and Tuesday was spent at home. Then Wednesday, my mother and father visited us. In the afternoon, we went to our Ninang Ening and Ninong Rudy's in Cainta. They gave Miya lots of clothes and Ninang also gave me some nursing tops. On the way back to our condo, we passed by Tiendesitas. Miya was fascinated with all the things she saw.

On Maundy Thursday, Miya and I with my parents and brother visited some relatives in San Fernando, Pampanga. Joema had work so he wasn't able to go with us.

Miya loves seeing new people and "talking to them". Here she is talking to her Lola Zeny and Ate Faye. (Please excuse the same mittens from the day before, she was still in her sleeping clothes when we got to Pampanga. I bathe her there. I don't know why I felt the need to explain that haha.)

Since Lola Zeny is very talkative, granddaughter and lola had a blast.

Ate Faye can't get enough of Miya.

Friday was spent at home again for Miya to rest because she was out and about on Saturday again hehe. We went to San Jose to see my grandparents. Everyone was delighted with her because she smiles at everyone who "talks" to her. Even when she's in a foul mood, when you talk to her she will smile at you. I was so proud of her.

With lolo and his apo sa tuhod.

Miyia giggling at her Tita Nicole (the little girl) and Lola Dolly

Three generations: my lola, my mama and my daughter.

Easter Sunday was again at home with our little family.


Anonymous said...

those eyes and cheeks...and that smile! bungisngis! she is adorableeeee :3 -yza

cris said...

thanks, yza!

Anna said...

My goodness, Miya is ADORABLE!!! She has the cutest smile! She looks like such a happy baby!!!

cris said...

thanks anna! i thrive on those smiles :) super kagigil sya pag ganyang tinatawanan nya kami.

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