Monday, April 18, 2011

First Girls Day Out

Over the weekend, I went out with the girls. It was my first day of pampering after giving birth and it felt so nice at the end of the day.

We all met up in Magallanes where the boys and other kids hang out. Then we had lunch in Valero near Kuya Ogie's clinic. Lunch was supposed to be at Chocolate Fire but it was closed for lunch on Saturdays. So I suggested Teazann but it was also closed. Good thing the nearby Pancake House was open which was fortunate because we enjoy the food from Pancake House. I had to feed Miya before eating lunch because she got hungry there. Thanks Heyl for bringing Ging to take care of Miya for me.

Then it was derma time. I have been wanting to go back since my last visit was in July or August of last year. My vitiligo's back but the good news is that the pigment was there according to Kuya Ogie. I just have to go back for the usual treatment. Yay! Everyone had facials but Ja tried the laser lipo. Now, all of us want to go back for the procedure hahaha. Kuya Ogie told me to wait after 6 months since I was breastfeeding and I will lose more weight. He even offered to give me the discounted price by then if I decide to do the procedure. Another yay!

After the derma we went to Fix Salon at Greenbelt 5. Miya and I were supposed to go for lunch and derma only but they all convinced me to come with them. I was easy to convince since I badly needed a haircut anyway.

Here's our after pic..don't we all look beautiful and refreshed?

Can't wait for the next girls day out. Now, I need to decide if I'll get that Keratin treatment from the salon...hmmm..

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Anna said...

Aaah okay, this was the fix salon you were talking about in Greenbelt! Yes, when these blasted layers grow out a bit, I will try getting a haircut there next too!

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