Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Little Catholic

Miya's Christening was fuss free. I know where I wanted her to get baptized and we had a choice of the restaurant for the reception more or less. So all we had to do was inquire and book the church and the restaurant. The church's only requirement was a copy of the birth certificate which my father took care of from Pasig City Hall who I think totally confused all of us. Side story: The Medical City said that we'll get the birth certificate after a month so my father went to Pasig City Hall around 1st week of March to get it. After paying for P140 he was told to get it on April 1, just a day before the baptism. It turned out they asked him to pay for a copy of the birth certificate from NSO. Hello! Even I know that won't be available within the first 6 months of birth. We were only asking for a copy of the birth certificate with the registered number on it. When my father returned on April 1, what they gave him is the NSO certificate saying that there was no record of Miya's birth. After a lot of confusion, my father just asked for a certified true copy of their record which we presented to the chapel - that was the copy we were asking for in the first place!

Anyways, Miya was baptized at the Archbishop's Palace, Villa San Miguel, same location where we had our wedding but instead of using the bigger chapel, we used the smaller chapel this time.

It was a happy coincidence that the priest who wedded us was the one assigned to baptize Miya. We didn't contact him to do the baptismal rites since the chapel said they will assign the priest to do the ceremonies. So we were pleasantly surprised to see Fr. Caloy when he got there.

Miya was so well-behaved that day. She didn't even cry when the water was poured onto her head for the blessing. She was awake for the entire baptismal rite, she fell asleep before the picture taking at the end.

The reception was held at the nearby Max's Restaurant. We didn't realize that the chapel and the restaurant was right beside each other until after we book both. We took care of the reservations after we're sure we were getting the birth certificate by April 1. So that actually gave us less than a month, which was all we really needed.

For souvenirs, I contacted the friend of Miya's Ninang who supplied the cupcakes on her son's baptism.

I was so tired after the celebration - hirap pala to entertain guests on your party, when we got married we just sat there and waited for everything to happen hehehe. This time around I had to go to every table and talk to everyone if they were having a good time, if the food was okay, etc.

Here are more pics from the baptism.

Miya with her ninongs.

With her lovely ninangs.

With my family.

Our little family.

With Joema's family.

My daughter was exhausted too.

Welcome to the Christian world, Anak! I hope I'll be able to bring you up as a good Catholic. We love you!


Anna said...

Sus! So cute, even when asleep! Congratulations on your baptism, Miya!!!!

cris said...

hehe thanks Anna!

Anna said...

Cris, where did you order the cupcakes for the baptism?

cris said...

she's a friend of a friend :) do you need a cupcake supplier? i'll ask her if i can give you her details. she's not doing this professionally so she doesn't have a website.

Aryankristel said...

Hi! Just wanna ask how much does it cost you for the church??

cris said...

Hello Aryankristel! I think around 2,000 or 2,500. To make sure, please call them to inquire.. 5317034 or 5317069.

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