Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When I Think of Home

I think I'm nesting. I'm browsing through Ikea's website now and I'm dreaming of how our future home would look like. We have our home now but I never really got to decorating it. It was always function, function, function for us what with the small space that we have. But looking at Ikea's website made me rethink what we've done with our place. Should have injected some personality in it, made it more pretty. But when I think about beautifying the place, I think of how this home is only a temporary home for us - that we'll be transferring to a bigger place. When - I don't know. Hopefully soon so that Miya will have a big enough space to roam around in, to practice crawling and walking around. Maybe I should change my current mindset and not think of our current home as a temporary one so that I'll have the energy to redecorate it. The other thing is, can I do it? I'm not sure if I'm capable of decoating our own place. Sure, I can appreciate photos of other homes - which are pretty, which aren't my style. But doing it in my own home, can I pull it off? So many things to think about, so many things to do and with a baby always there needing my attention I'm not sure I'll be doing it with our current home. As it is, I'm happy living in it. It's what we call our home. But design-wise, makes me jealous of other people's homes hehehe.

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