Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dress Me Up

Ever since I got back to work I haven’t bought any piece of clothing aside from the post-pregnancy pants I bought from St. Francis Square. I don’t want to spend too much on my clothing especially now that we don’t have budget for this. Miya’s needs first before ours, and if you have a family and baby you know most of your money goes to your home needs and domestic life. So what clothes have I been wearing these past few months? I don’t have my pre-pregnancy body yet so I have not been able to fit into my old clothes. My boobs are bigger and my tummy’s still a little bloated hehehe. I’ve asked my mom to lend me her office clothes but since her blouses are not really my size, I almost always look frumpy and/or lousy. Blech! The fit is just not right – they’re okay in the boobs area, but dropping in the shoulder area and the length of the blouse is usually too long for my short torso. I haven’t found the time (or money) to buy new post-pregnancy clothes. This is for office attire only, I have yet to buy new nursing clothes as well. Good thing our yearly bonus is soon coming up, I will have extra moolah to spend on myself. But instead of buying dresses or blouses from department stores, I’ll try to have them made to really fit my post-pregnancy body. I’m going back to my officemate's mother, who made my bridesmaids' dresses, to have some office attires made. I’ve picked some online and will ask her to use the styles. Here are my picks. I have to consider that I will be expressing milk here at the office so I need to have zipper or buttons in front to open up my bosom area.


 I love that the first two dresses immediately give me two different looks each. The last one's just too cute although I'm not sure if I really want to wear that hemline to the office.

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Anonymous said...

cutie! especially the third one! -yza

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