Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Never Say Never

Have I ever told you that I love Justin Bieber? As in I love him that I turn into a 12 year old fan girl getting kilig when I see him. I wanted to watch Usher's concert last year in MOA because I thought Justin might be his guest. But this did not happen as I was pregnant then and avoiding physical activities. I watched/listened to his Baby music video in our Ipod when I was pregnant with Miya ALL.THE.TIME! When he had his concert in MOA early this year, I wanted to join SM's raffle contest to get tickets but Joema just brushed me off saying who will take care of Miya. I don't know why I didn't watch this movie. Although I did read some good reviews online. I thought the movie did him good because most of the people who did not like him at first was convinced he is a great artist after watching the movie. Joema should actually thank his lucky starts we didn't watch this before because I will surely watch Justin's concert after watching the movie. OMG!!!! I really got kilig watching this movie. And that part when they chose one girl from the audience for their "One Less Lonely Girl" tradition, I could cry with happiness and kilig with those girls!!! Aaaggghhh!!!! I was almost disappointed when they did not show him singing Baby. But of course, save the best for last - he sang it during encore! I was carrying Miya when he started singing the song and would you believe it if I told you that she "sang along" with him???? Baby, baby, baby ohhh..while she blabbered "aaaahhh, aaahhh, aaahhh, ayayaya" hahahaha!!!! Oh, Justin I love you! Please grow up to be a good and gentleman!



Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say i love justin beiber (like the level of "i love zaizai") but I love his songs. favorite ko rin ung "never say never" and "baby"! :) hahaha

PS. I posted about "never say never" before coming over your blog and saw your post on JB. hahahaa :)


cris said...

haha yza, di rin naman sya ka-level ni zz :p

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