Friday, October 14, 2011

The "Me" Project

The other I looked in the mirror and got annoyed at how I look. Tired face and lousy/crinkly outfit - blech! So I decided the next day to do whatever it takes to look and feel sharp! So here are my resolutions for a new me:

1. Put on make-up every day - I have all the basic things to put a nice make-up on. Sure my make-up essentials are not from high end brands but I have liquid foundation, mineral face powder, blush-on and lipstick. But sometimes I don't even want to bother putting on face powder and lipstick. And that day after feeling so lousy I tried putting on eye make-up (eye shadow and eye liner). Well, what do you know, it instantly made me look alive. As in! The eye make-up opened up my eyes (literally and figuratively)! Another tip I got from other make up enthusiasts - red lipstick! So next time I'm too lazy to do the works (yes, for me that's already THE WORKS), I'll try putting on just face powder and red lipstick.

2. Take care of my skin - I'm so lazy to put moisturizer on my face and lotion on my body. That's the truth. And I think, this has already caught up with me. My face always looks tired and dry. So from now on, I vow to slather on moisturizer every morning and every night! That goes with my body too.

3. Build my wardrobe - I was inspired by the series of posts from Manila Fashion Observer on building your wardrobe. Please click the link because she has explained it better than I could ever explain it. And you know, it totally makes sense! So for starters, I've started giving away the clothes I have packed away that are too small for me now that I've given birth. I don't want to illusion myself that I can still go back to XS. Although, it's worth noting that I can still fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes so I've kept those. Next, I won't buy unnecessary and cheap clothing. I don't want to have piles and piles of clothes but still every morning say to myself "I don't have anythign to wear." I will invest in classic, timeless pieces. The first on my list is a white button down shirt. Do you have any suggestions? As for undergarments, I want to buy those "no VPL" undies MFO is recommending.

Those are the things at the top of my head and will probably include some more if I think of anything else.

How about you, have you done anything recently to improve your self?

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