Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Halloween Costume

Our first choice of Halloween costume for Miya is the Ferrari outfit we had bought from SG when our friends went there. Oh yeah she's going to be an F1 driver. Complete with shoes and steering wheel.

But one morning while I was putting Miya's hair up in a ponytail, the hubby said in observation that she looked like a samurai. So I thought why not put her in a kimono for Halloween! When I told a friend about it, she immediately said "Why not Flintstones instead?" I got excited about this. We originally intended to do Wilma with the big pearls and all but in the end she went as Pebbles because she's still a baby. I knew I wanted to make the costume for her so I headed on over to my most recent favorite site, Prudent Baby, for a step-by-step guide on how to sew a simple dress for Miya. I chose the hipster swing dress because it's the easiest one on the site.

By Tuesday, I had all the materials I needed.

For Miya, I've cut the fabric 13"x27". I didn't have a sewing machine so I did everying by hand. Yes, running stitch and whip stitch only. I was not able to sew anything on Tuesday but by Wednesday, I was pretty much done with the dress. The bias tape I've bought was only single bias, no double bias tape was available so I sewed two singles together. This is how it looks like inside - not clean but it doesn't show on the outside so I was pretty happy with myself.

By the end of Wednesday, this is what I've done.

Thursday night I did the diaper cover and the flower accent in the front. Prudent Baby has a pattern for diaper covers but I just used a spare one from Miya's closet. I deconstucted it and used it as a pattern. But in hindsight I should have used the pattern from the site hehe. Prudent Baby used a button as accent in the front of the dress but I don't know how to do that so I figured I'll put a flower instead. I used their DIY fabric flower but I had a hard time so I ended up with just 3 petals heehee.

I had the dress and diaper cover washed by the yaya on Friday so that I can continue adding the snap at the back and cutting the scallops at the bottom. We slept at my parents house on Saturday night so my mom helped me with the snap. I actually used a hook instead of a snap. Do you want to see how it turned out? Click click click..

Here's the flower - I glued the purple button (which is a coin covered with the purple bias tape hehe).

The diaper cover - I did not put any garter in the leg holes anymore.

After putting the flower and cutting the hem, here's how the dress turned out:

For Pebble's hair accessory, I bought a bone from Toy Kingdom - actually it's a headband with two bones attached to it. I had to remove one and then glued it to one of Miya's hair tie.

The final look:

I'm so happy with how it turned out. How about you? What's your kids or your costume this Halloween?


Ria Hazel said...

ang cute cute ni Miya! :)) Sana may baby na rin ako so I can dress up na rin for the halloween heheh :))

cris said...

sarap ng baby girl kasi katuwa bihisan ;)

~currant7 said...

so cute! you're one awesome mom! I'm using two hand-me-down costume for Colin and maybe an F1 bib for him. :P

hope you have a great time in HKG! let me know if you have any questions. We were just there. :)

cris said...

Thanks Cheryl! Will definitely message you before we go HK! :)

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