Friday, October 28, 2011

Mum-ma, Mum-ma

Hello Miya!

You've started talking and I'm so happy that your first word is Mama - although you pronounce it Mum-ma! You first said it when I started doing your Halloween costume. I think you thought I wasn't paying attention to you and you got jealous. Hence, you started calling me - Mum-ma, Mum-ma, Mum-ma! At first I thought it was some random syllable you were saying - because most of articles I've read said that babies don't really associate their first words (usually mama and papa) to the persons identified with the words. But but but not you, Anak! You knew it was me because everytime you say it, you'll look at me with outstretched hands. Oh the joy!

One thing I also noticed, you've been extra clingy ever since. When I was sewing your costume, I would put you to sleep first and then go back to my little project. But every single time, you wake up from your sleep and cry as if asking me why I wasn't asleep beside you. There was even that one night when I went down to go to the bathroom when you finally went to sleep only to get back upstairs with you awake and crying in Daddy's arms. Nowadays, I can't even go to the bathroom without you crying. I'm happy you can't seem to get enough of me but deep down I'm also getting worried  you're starting to have separation anxiety. Which is a bit weird because you're not like that when we leave the house in the morning. Our ritual is, you go down with Mommy and Daddy to the lobby and you see us off. I wave and wave and wave goodbye to you from the car but you don't seem to care hehe. I think you were more mesmerized looking at everything outside to care that we're even leaving.

I'm extremely happy that you're really showing your personality now but sometimes I get sad because you're also starting to be a little girl and no more a baby. Anak, don't grow up too fast. I love you very much! I want to enjoy every single moment of your life. I don't want us to hurry.

Mommy loves you! Mwah!

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