Friday, November 11, 2011

The Third

For our 3rd anniversary, Joema and I both took a leave from work.We all slept in, woke up around 9:30am when we (Miya and I) usually wake up 7am even during the weekends.

Nothing beats waking up next to your love ones :)

We got ready to head out for lunch and a little bit of grocery shopping.

We had lunch at a Chinese resto

Baby girl got a little bit restless

We got back home to take an afternoon nap. Ah yes, I love it when we get to rest and take it easy. In the evening, it was quality time with the hubby. I still got kilig getting ready for our dinner date.

Ayala Triangle has their Christmas lights up already

Nothing's more romantic to a breastfeeding momma than Kanin Club - give me all that rice!
Happy 3 years to us! :)


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! I just have to comment that Miya looks ADORABLE in that first pic. I want to squeeze her! :P - yza

cris said...

thanks, yza! :)

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