Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AVA + googoo&gaga

You would think my first purchase from AVA would be a designer bag or designer shoes...but no, my first purchase was for the little girl.

Chubby little hand excited to open the bag
Colors peeking through the wrapping paper
Sweet googoo&gaga dresses for my baby
The dresses are still big for her but I think in a couple of months, she'll fit into them. The size of these is medium. These will be Miya's 3rd and 4th googoo&gaga purchase. The first one was a onesie and a lap tee but she hasn't worn the tee yet. Bought the onesie for 12-18month size but she was able to wear it by 6months. The lap tee size I got was 2T and it's still big for her. Here she is featured in the googoo&gaga site a few months ago.


Anna said...

She's adorable!!! We have that same style onesie for Laz - kahit pang girl, couldn't resist.

And she was on the Googoo and Gaga website, how cuuute!

(We have about a dozen pairs of Googoo and Gaga onesies, tees, blah blah, and they never featured Laz's picture before in their site. Bad trip si Pao. Considering we buy so many daw. Ngayon, ayaw na bumili tuloy hahaha).

cris said...

Yes, I remember you buying those for Laz. When I emailed my order before, Audrey asked me for photos and a short description of Miya kaya I sent them. Syempre para kong stage mother na happy na happy na-feature si Miya haha!

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