Monday, January 23, 2012

11th and 12th Day of Christmas

2 - 3 January 2012

The last two days of this series was spent at home with my family.

I told you before about her fake smile, right? Here it is
Those were scarves that a friend gave to us. One for me and one for Joema. Look who's using Mommy's?
After this short vacation of mine and when I went back to work, Miya started having separation anxieties. The day I went back to work, she didn't want to be put down on her crib and play on her own. This lasted for almost a week that her yaya can't do any other chores. Plus she also makes habol when we leave for work after this Christmas break. Before this, she usually gets distracted when we bring her down to us and she bids us bye-bye. After this break, when she and her yaya goes back to our unit she cries and always looks for us. it's better now although  she still cries when we put her down on her own. It's so hard to leave in the morning and we always have to hurry to go home because she cries when it's late than our usual coming home time (which is about 7-ish) and we're not yet home.  The difficulties of being a working mom. Haaaay!

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