Monday, January 23, 2012

9th and 10th Day of Christmas - New Year's Eve and Day

Joema had work on New Year's Eve so it was a pretty quiet day for us. I did another pasta dish for our dinner, this time with shrimp. This one's yummy!

Pasta for two!
2011 has been my most blessed year to date, because of her.

We must have done something good to be worthy of her
Miya and I slept early. I didn't want her to still be awake during the fireworks and have a hard time getting her to sleep afterwards. Plus I don't know how she'll take all that noise. So we were out before 12 midnight. Only Joema was awake to usher in the new year. He woke me up with a kiss and a "Happy New Year!" and then I went back to sleep haha!

The following day, we didn't really have any plans. Both sets of grandparents were not available so we trooped on to the nearest mall to have lunch. Shangri-la was closed so we went to Greenbelt and had lunch at Big Buddha.

We were there early, we were the only diners when we arrived.
Our New Year's feast
After lunch, we wandered around Greenbelt.

She really loves the water
I love this photo - looked like we're not in Manila.
In the afternoon, Lolo and Lola came to visit their apo. They brought her slippers.

Look at those colorful slippers
They say how you spend New Year's day is how you'll spend the rest of the year so here's wishing the rest of the year will be filled with more family bonding times!

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