Saturday, January 07, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - First Day

I was able to spend 12 consecutive days with my baby little girl. This all started on 23 December. I brought Miya and yaya to the office hehe. See, my workstation is in a room (I don't want to say that I have a room because I'm sharing it with someone plus I don't really deserve to be in a room, it just so happens that this was the only available station) and my colleague who(m) I share the room with  was already on leave. So I figured, I can bring Miya with me and let them stay in the room. Plus with yaya being around she can take care of Miya while I work which is what really happened because Miya was still able to take her morning and afternoon nap.

At my workstation

My colleague C enamored with Miya

In the afternoon around 4pm, I brought her to my old department where they have a tradition of bringing all the kids on the last day before Christmas and everyone gets their aguinaldo. This year I finally have a kid to join in on the festivities.

She's making pa-cute to another colleague
Eating her biscuits
Next year, she'll be running around the office.

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