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2nd Day of Christmas - Christmas Eve

24 December

On Christmas Eve, we went to Bocaue. Miya was able to spend time with her cousins on Joema's side of the family.

On the way to Bocaue

On the way to Bocaue
With Tita Itchee, Ate Kyla and Ate Sam

With Tita Rachel

Before it got dark we went back home. I wanted us to spend Christmas Eve just us without our extended families. This way we can start our own Christmas traditions. We tried hearing the Christmas Eve mass but we were a bit late (mass was at 8pm, we were late for a few minutes and the people were already outside the church).

We didn't bring a car going to church because we figured there will be lots of people and we planned to go to city hall and go around the tiangge after mass so we rode the tricycle instead. It was Miya's first ride and she was so amazed hehe.

Since it's a bit hard to have a baby standing outside a church, we decided to not finish Mass (I know that's bad, don't imitate us!). We went instead to city hall to take pictures. Miya was mesmerized with all the Christmas lights.

Then we went to the food stalls and bought bibingka and pizza haha not a good combo but still!

When we got home, I cooked our Christmas dinner. I don't want to call it Noche Buena because it's not a feast hehe. I cooked pasta in olive oil with olives, mushroom, capers and feta cheese. Only it was not a success. I think it was because of the olive oil I used, i dind't like th taste of it. Although Joema was happy with the pasta hehe.

Then it was it was gift openign time.

Miya loved all her gifts!

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