Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dream Home

Sorry if I've been bombarding the blog with posts about my daughter. But I am a mother now and my world does revolve around her, that's why I never had anything to say here when I wanted to keep everything about her private (feeling artista!). Anyway, just to veer you away from all those (cute) photos of my baby, let's talk about something mature like getting a house. Ha! Ugh! I'm really old that I have to think about this stuff. When I was in college, my problem was how to get home and not to get a home. We're currently living in a condo, a 33 square meter condo - me, the hubby, the baby and the yaya. It's a loft type so the sleeping arrangement is our family sleeps on the loft, while yaya stays on the ground floor on a makeshift mattress. It's not really ideal for our help, and I thank God I don't have a maarte househelp who wants her own bed and room, etc. I also thank God she's accepted her role as yaya and all-around help in our household. (which reminds me, I have to find another househelp because she said she'll be leaving by mid-April. Oh no! But that's for another story.) So anyway, like I said we live in a small space. I really believe that if we had been living in a real house, my daughter would have been walking even before she turned one year old. She's really brave, she's independent, she's persevering and I know she'll try and try walking again and again just to learn it. But she learned to walk a few weeks after she turned one which is okay. I just hoped she had a larger space to roam around, to walk around. As it is, after a few steps from the sofa she's right in front of the TV already. A few more steps and she's knocking on the door of our refrigerator. A few more steps back, and she's found her way to the stairs (she's learned to climb the stairs up to the 3rd step! Ayayayay!). I was adamant on finding/buying our future home this year. But thankfully I have a husband who thinks clearer than I am, reminded me to wait because we might end up with a small house again (which is what we can really afford now form our office's housing loan) and later on regret on getting it. So after carefully, weighing in our options we finally settled on our game plan - stay in the condo for a year or two to save up, buy a lot and build our own dream house. The already built houses for sale nowadays are so small (those that are within our budget) and we think we can maximize our budget by building our own home. And with that, I want to write down my non-negotiables when we build our home:
  • a backyard/patio
  • lots of windows / bay windows
  • lot area has to be atleast 200 sqm
  • breakfast nook
  • walk-in closet
  • atleast 3 bedrooms
  • one bedroom/extra room on the ground floor
  • two storey house just in case another Ondoy hits
  • no to cramped kitchen

Remember this?
 I've been pinning lots of home decors and pegs for rooms on Pinterest. I've also been drawing floorplans haha! I've been searching the internet for photos of Lyn Ching's home which I saw in a magazine before because I really really liked the living and dining are of her home but I can't find it!

We've decided we'll look at lots near my parents place. This is so, they'll be nearby wehn we do have a home. For emergency reasons, it's always best to stay close to your family. Just in case we need transpo or someone to babysit Miya (or we don't have dinner), atleast they're near to lend us a car or a hand (or food). :)

So there, I will dream, believe and claim it! Bring it!

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