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Hunger Games

Well, this 30-Day Blog Challenge is a total fail since I was not able to blog for two days since Monday. But to make up for it and for me to be able to continue with it, I’ll post 3 blogs for today. Good? Oh yes hahaha. I’m making up my own rules here!

My officemate was full of praises for the book and kept on encouraging us to watch the movie so I borrowed the book from her. I wanted to read the book first before watching the movie. As it turned out, we watched the movie when I was a few pages shy of reading the ending of the book. So imagine my dismay when I went back on reading the end of the book after watching the movie.

Spoilers ahead:

Since, I read the book so close to watching the movie I was able to take note of the differences of the two. And here are some of them that I think should have been faithful to the book:

1. The mockingjay pin – from the book: the pin was given by Madge; Movie: the pin was bought by Katniss at the Hob, well it was actually given to her for free by the seller. I think it was significant that they show the pin was from Madge because it showed the difference in their status – Madge’s family was richer than hers and Madge can very well afford to have that pin and give it away.

2. The tracker jackers’ nest – from the book: Rue pointed out the nest to Katniss but it was Katniss’s idea to cut it from the tree’s branch and let it fall on the Careers; movie: it was Rue who told Katniss to cut it from the branch and let it fall on the Careers. It could have shown how smart Katniss was as a player of the games but instead the movie gave the credit to Rue

3. Rues’ death – from the book: Rue was stabbed by spear and Katniss came too late to even rescure her; movie: Katniss was even able to try to free Rue from the net she was entangled in, and it was almost Katniss’s fault that the spear went for Rue because she bowed down to get her bow and arrow.

4. The Feast – from the book: the sponsor gave Katniss that sweet potion which she let Peeta drink for him to sleep; movie: Peeta was just asleep. I think it should be included to show that Peeta really insisted on Katniss not going to the Feast to save his life so Katniss had to find a way to escape Peeta. In the movie, it seemed that Peeta didn’t care enough for Katniss and just let her go to the Feast

I could go on and on and on but that’s enough hahaha. I also wish the ending was not done that way. The movie didn’t even show the significance of those big “dogs” – that they were in fact a mutation of the dead players of the game. The ending of the movie also did not show how much Katniss was worried on how the Capitol took her "rebellion" on the finale of the Hunger Games.

I think since the book is written on a first-person’s point of view, I thought the movie was a bit “quiet”. In my head I kept on thinking what Katniss was saying in the book while watching the movie. Of course, I could just be nitpicking. An officemate who also watched the movie but did not read the book said she did not fully understand the concept of the "Hunger Games" so I had to tell her about the 13 disctricts and the rebellion. Although, my brother and some guy friends were happy with the movie. I guess boys will be happy if you throw in some fighting scenes and high-tech special effects into a movie hahaha! I have yet to ask my hubby what his "analysis" of the book+movie. He finished reading the book after Holy Week and he was the one I'm with when I watched the movie.

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