Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anvaya with Miya

18-19 April 2012

For the first week of our first replacement yaya, N, I figured we can fast-track her bonding with Miya by going out of town. See, we never really go out with our yaya in tow. Our previous yaya usually just goes with us to Gymboree if Joema is not with me or to the pediatrician's clinic because she and Miya are coming from the house and Joema will just pick them up. So even if it would be easier to bring along a yaya, we never really do it. We wanted the alone time with our daughter.

So anyway, for this out-of-town trip we went to Anvaya. After reading so much about this place from Anna, I knew I had to take Miya here. So I asked my friend who's a member of this resort to please book a room for us. It's an exclusive resort, you have to be a member or know a member to get inside.

We left Manila around 11am and arrived in Subic by 2am. We were starving so we had lunch at Shakey's first inside the base.

Looking at the menu

Eating her mojos - nakataas pa paa!

After eating we continued on with our journey. After one and a half hours, we finally arrived in Anvaya! 

Father and daughter outside our room -  I love that the place has lots of trees!
After settling down and confirming that Miya doesn't want to take a nap, she was super hyper when we arrived, we went for a swim. I initially wanted to go here because of the beach. Anna raved about how fine the sand is on the beach of Anvaya. Unfortunately, Miya didn't like the sand!

Look at that agonized look! While her Daddy laughed at her.
Good thing, she thoroughly enjoyed the pool.

We went back to the beach afterwards but my baby girl won't have any of it!
She hates the sand!

I was so eager to make her frolick in the sand and play with the waves. Maybe next time.

The next day during breakfast, we fed the kois in the small pond in the restaurant.

And then of course, we went back swimming in the pool afterwards.

Miya thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. Although both times after swimming she was so tired and sleepy that she's so grouchy while we're giving her a bath, it was all worth it! I just hoped it's a lot nearer. Miya was so bored during the trip going there and going back home. though there were times that she fell asleep, the times that she was awake she was so fussy. Or maybe I'll just hope Miya will get used to long roadtrips.

Day 9 of 30 (x2)

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