Friday, May 18, 2012

Teacher Kat

Miya with Teacher Kat

This is Teacher Kat, Miya's Music teacher in Gymboree. We love her to bits! When she sings she captures Miya's attention. Aside from my daughter's smart genes (ehem-ehem haha!), I think she's one of the reasons why Miya still remembers the songs from Gymboree. Even now when Miya watches her video from her Music class she remembers the activites. Like this one, when Miya watches the second video she uses her two hands to tap the bed or floor (wherever she's seating) and does exactly what Teacher Kat did that time we sang that song in class. 

I can't wait to enroll Miya again for Music classes. I'm hoping Teacher Kat will be her teacher again (we had a new teacher for her last day in Gymboree).

Day 8 of 30 (x2)

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