Friday, May 25, 2012

Joema's Birthday Weekend

6-7 May 2012

Sunday before Joema’s birthday, our little family went to Tagaytay. We’re finally able to use the voucher I bought from Ensogo for Theodore Hotel.  We stopped by Nuvali for lunch and ate at Conti’s.

It was so freaking hot!
Oreo for lunch
She tried the macaroni salad
Okay sue me, I’m a bad mom when it comes to Miya’s food. After she turned one, we let her try almost everything. And I’m not really particular if she eats a full meal or not when I’m with her. As long as she nurses directly from me, I’m okay if she won’t eat as much “solid” food. But if I’m not with her, say during weekdays when I’m in the office and she’s left with the yaya, then I insist with the yaya to feed her properly. Good thing though is that she eats a lot and properly when she’s left with the yaya.

The hotel looks exactly as the photos in their website. I’m just disappointed we didn’t have a view of the lake. For dinner, we ate at Antonio’s Grill. It’s so hard to go out with Miya in tow with just Joema and me because we can’t eat peacefully hahaha. Either he eats first or I eat first and then the other one will try to entertain Miya while the other is eating. Miya gets bored easily and she wants to explore everything around her thus, our arrangement.

We didn’t really have any other agenda on this trip but just to relax. So we really didn’t go anywhere else aside from the hotel and the dinner at the restaurant. We went back after eating and called it a night.

Outside the hotel

Night night!

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel which is included in the voucher. I must say, it was a hearty breakfast even though it was a set menu and not buffet. Jeoma and I both enjoyed our orders. He had waffles while I had pancakes – big servings!

The "backyard" of our hotel

As usual after a few minutes of sitting down, Miya became restless. It must be because it was also hot so early in the morning. We were in Tagaytay, but the cool breeze we were expecting was not there to welcome us.

Sorry I was lazy to go up to our room to get a change of clothes for her so I just took off her top.  :D

Miya tried to drink from a straw but she failed haha. She tried it during our dinner at Antonio’s because I had mango shake and then that morning she tried sipping my pineapple juice from a straw. Well, she didn’t succeed then but she learned to drink from a straw in Tagaytay a few weeks after (more on that on a separate post).

Happy birthday, Daddy!

Day 15 of 30 (x2)


M said...

we had the same arrangement when we eat out without the yaya or mama! very challenging! haha. happy birthday to your hubby! :)

cris said...

Thanks, Marsy! :)

Anna said...

Kami rin - same arrangement when we eat out! It's a *little* better now. Taking note of your hotel reco, Cris! And belated happy birthday, Jeoma!

cris said...

Thank you for the bday greetings, Anna! I actually feel better knowing that other parents are having the same "difficulty" when eating out with their babies hehe.

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