Saturday, May 26, 2012

Joema's Birthday (Parts 2 and 3)

For Joema’s actual birthday, we had a simple celebration at home. I cooked spaghetti for dear hubby and baby. Because hubby didn’t want us to buy a cake for his birthday, I urged him to blow-out a candle which we put on top of the cupcake we got from the twins’ baptism.

MIya singing "Happy Birthday" to Daddy

Blow a candle and make a wish
I asked hubby what his wish was and he said he wished that Miya will grow up to be a good girl. =)

Sweet little girl

In the afternoon, we went out on a movie date – Avengers! This was the second time we’ve watched the movie hehehe. We love love love it! Can’t wait for the second installment.

The following Saturday, Joema celebrated his birthday together with Janice at our friend’s house. There was so much food…yum yum!

Day 16 of 30 (x2)

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