Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Darling Miya

We had to rush Miya to the emergency room this morning because she had wheals on her face. What started as a small bump yesterday afternoon became this.

My poor baby! It broke my heart to see her like this!

 I was already in the office this morning (our car is coding), when our yaya texted me that Miya’s  face is swollen.  We rushed back home and when I saw her I almost cried. What I thought about are those babies with hydrocephalus that Inday Badiday used to feature in her show or Mel Tiangco in that portion of her news program and then they ask for donations. Miya looked abnormal to me when I saw her (Please forgive me if this seems politically incorrect or whatever, this was my immediate reaction when I saw my daughter’s face earlier).

The doctor’s said it was hypersensitivity secondary reaction to insect bites. She was given a low dose of Benadryl which we also have to give her every 6 hours for as long as there is swelling.

Thank God it wasn’t anything major. I thought it was another allergic reaction from her atopic dermatitis. We also rushed her to our derma when she had blisters over her left arm due to an allergic reaction a few weeks ago. The only thing that kept me from crying earlier was Miya’s usual jolly self. She was so giddy because we were going out, she kept on saying “buh-bye!” to her yaya and letting out small squeals.

Now, I’m searching for a good insect repellant I can apply on her skin considering her atopic dermatitis. If you have recommendations, please drop a comment.

Day 19 of 30 (x2)

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