Monday, May 28, 2012

Canyon Woods (The Good and The Bad)

My family and I together with a group of friends went on a overnight trip to Canyon Woods over the weekend. We got this Canyon Woods deal through CashCashPinoy for P2999 for two persons.  I never like posting the price of what we pay for but believe me, this statement in this post is relevant.

Smile! Are you excited, Miya?

Anyways, going there Joel, Gary and Grace rode with us. We met up a little bit late in Makati, I think it was almost 11am when we picked them up. The ride going to Tagaytay through SLEX was okay but from Sta. Rosa Exit, the traffic was horrible. Good thing everyone in the car had breakfast because we ate lunch at round 1pm already. We ate at Buon Guorno in Cliffhouse.

With Daddy at the viewing deck of Cliffhouse

With Ninang Grace

Tasting the ice cream at FiC

My little girl
I loved everything we ordered except for the four-cheese pizza - I don't like blue cheese

When we got to Canyon Woods, I was actually excited to finally be there. I know that this is an exclusive place, it was very fortunate of us to bag that deal (or so I thought). The entire compound felt like you were transported in another place – there were trees everywhere and country homes line up the streets. We were billeted at their Lodge deluxe accommodations although the voucher was for Casitas. But that was okay, this was our view from our room.

We got in so late we didn’t have time to do anything on our first day. We only slept on our room haha! We actually went to their clubhouse to check the indoor pool. We actually attempted to swim in their indoor pool but they require swimming caps for women. I didn’t want to shell out P180 for the cap so we said adieux to the pool. Which was actually okay because Miya was already fussy coz she didn’t had her afternoon nap at that time. 

Outside the clubhouse while waiting for the shuttle - love those pine trees!

I had to bathe her though when we got back to our room because it was so hot outside, we were all sweating. She finally went to sleep around 5:30pm. When she woke up, the rest of the gang were back from mass and asked us to join them for dinner. But since Miya was not in a good mood, we decided to just stay in and order room service. When I called the coffee shop, the girl on the other line told me that our order will take a long time to get to us because the kitchen is busy, they had to wait for the shuttle to deliver the food, etc. When I asked if our food will arrive earlier if we eat at the coffee shop, she said they have dinner buffet.
My thought bubble: so why would your kitchen be busy kung buffet naman pala, that means the food is already cooked for all the other guests. They should have enough time to cook and deliver food ordered via room service.

So anyways, I still made my order. In fairness to that employee she called me up again to tell me that the food was ready. They’re just waiting for the shuttle to arrive. They only have one shuttle for the entire compound. I know this because we rode the shuttle going to and from the clubhouse when we checked out the indoor pool. When we rode the van going back to our room, the driver was very rude. He shouted at the guard and told him “Hoy pagsabihan nyo nga yung mga magpapasundo na lumabas na ng kalye, hindi yung nagpapaintay pa!” He knows we’re already inside and we can hear this outburst. OMG! Anyways, this is what I remembered from the shuttle so I asked the lady if we need to go down of our room and pick up our food. You know what she said, “Depende po kung may makuha akong waiter na magdadala ng food.” Ano?!?!?! Bakit pa tinawag na room service kung ganon. Ang Mcdo, Jollibee, Chowking (or any foodchain for that matter) nga nagdedeliver ng food sa mismong pinto ng condo unti namin e. Sila pa na dapat kasama ng services nila yan as a hotel establishment!

When our food arrived, I did not give any tip to the waiter who delivered our food. True, he was courteous when he got there but I was just so irked with their service! Good thing, Joema and I enjoyed our dinner albeit wrapped in plastic Styrofoam and not the usual hotel room-in service where they give you a table and the plates are placed there as if you are out eating in a fine-dining restaurant. That’s a small thing actually, give me rice and I’m happy. I had a lot of rice that meal so I was happy afterwards haha!

Grace dropped by our room after their dinner and she played with Miya before we hit the sack.

Miya was asking Grace for the bottle of coke

Making pa-cute

Grace bribed her with lollipop to let the Coke go. Guess who won? She got the lollipop and the Coke (she didn't drink just played with the bottle).

The next day for breakfast, I overheard My and Joel talking about Canyon Woods. I can’t help but tell them about our experience the night before. And we concurred, the service there is awful. They don’t really give a high regard to customer services. You know what, during breakfast when we placed our order, we were told that we only get one egg as opposed to two eggs as customary to their set breakfasts because we were voucher holders. WTF right?!!? How much is one freaking egg?? A lot of people were actually going to the counter placing their order and following up because no one is around to take our orders. My friend who ordered coffee with her breakfast, went to the counter to ask for her coffee. She overheard one customer asking for coffee too, the Canyon Woods employee replied “ma’am mag-juice na lang po kayo.” It turned out they didn’t have brewed coffee ready. The customer had to tell the employee to go brew the coffee.  Suffice it to say, we won’t be coming back to this hotel/resort.

To make ourselves happy, we went back to our rooms and had chocolate cake provided by My hehehe. To leave this post on a happy note, here are more photos.

Our sleeping beauty
I love this photo! Taken outside our window
Hello ducks! This is by the lagoon just at the back of the casitas and the restaurant where we ate breakfast.
I love the green surroundings! Trees everywhere!

At breakfast
This was taken beside the pool area - again those luscious trees!
Miya wanted to go swimming! We didn't let her because of she had atopic dermatitis flare-ups. Poor girl!
Hello again duckie!

This area is picture perfect!
Back at the room where the two toddlers wreaked havoc haha

Again, if not for the lousy service we’ll definite visit the place again.

Day 18 of 30 (x2)

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