Friday, May 11, 2012

Visita Iglesia with Miya

For our annual Visita Iglesia tradition, Miya came with us this year. It wasn’t really a planned thing. My brother just asked us on the day itself, Holy Thursday, if we were coming with them. I guess my brother wanted us to come with them haha. And since it was planned, I did not research on new churches we can visit. So we re-visited previous churches on our list – St. Andrew the Apostle Church, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Don Bosco Church, Santuario de San Antonio, Holy Family Chapel, Christ the King and Villa San Miguel.

We finished praying the Stations of the Cross in St. Andrew’s then went our way. We were not able to go inside Don Bosco because there was a recollection inside the church.

Outside Don Bosco
We initially wanted to visit the Padre Pio Church in Libis but traffic was so bad and it was nearing lunch time then so we opted to go inside Eastwood and visit the Holy Family Chapel instead. Inside while their choir was practicing “Glory to God”, Miya went on singing! I was amazed on how she knew chorales are supposed to look like that when they sing. Maybe she got it from her Gymboree Music class teacher. I don’t know. This girl amazes me all the time.

Singing like she's part of the choir

Then she started playing sorry to the other church goers

After praying in Christ the King, we went to the stalls in the parking lot to see what we can eat. Miya liked the melon juice!

Eating the melon strips from the juice

For our last stop, we went to the church which is very special to us. This is where we got married and where Miya was baptized (although we used different chapels inside the compound).

At the grounds 
With Mommy
With Ninong

Hopefully, next year Joema will be able to come with us. Well, that's the life of a callboy hehe.

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M said...

ang laki na ni miya! :)

cris said...

Yes! Parang biglang laki!

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