Thursday, May 10, 2012

30-Day Blog Challenge (Take 2)

Well, obviously I failed miserable in that 30-day BlogChallenge. One of the things I realized in doing that is that I didn’t like blogging without photos. But since it takes me some time to download the photos from our camera and  I also  edit the photos that I upload here in my blog, there were some delay in my posting. And when there are times that the delay has been too long, I end up not blogging about it anymore and just be satisfied that I actually uploaded the photos on my FB account.

I want to do the challenge again but I’m not sure I have enough material to start it soon, although I have a few things that I need to blog about. Plus, I recently discovered that I can schedule my posts here in Blogger hahaha! So yes, okay, let’s do this again. I’m hoping it is indeed sweeter the second time around. 


Anonymous said...

yehey! cant wait to read your posts again! :) - yza

cris said...

i'm hoping i can finish this one! all 30 posts!

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