Thursday, June 07, 2012

Expression Room

I have to admit that one of the reasons my breastfeeding journey has been this long and is still continuing is because we have a milk expression room here at our office where I can pump and store milk while I’m away from my baby. I am very fortunate that the institution  I work for acknowledge the importance of sustaining breastfeeding as long as possible. Let me share with you how our expression room is set up.

The room has a sink where we can wash our bottles and pump parts. They have also provided us an airpot for hot water to sterilize our pump parts and a small ref to store our milk. In between pumping sessions, we usually leave our pump parts and breastpumps in the room. It's more convenient for us this way instead of going back and forth to our workstation and the expression room with all our breastpump paraphernalia.

There are two seats for Mommies to pump comfortably. But since a lot of moms are already using this room, sometimes we have 3 of 4 moms cramped in this area. Some are seating on the floor while some prefer to use an additional chair a mommy has brought for use.

That's my pump and my water tumbler. I drink water when expressing milk. I find that I letdown easily when I drink water.

Two chairs inside the room with extension cords for other moms using the room
The room is also decorated with paintings of mother and child.

I'm in love with everything "mother-and-child" after being a mother myself.

Aside from this expression room, we also have a nursing room in the building. We can also express milk in that room – it is equipped with chairs for moms and a ref where we can store our milk. Unfortunately, there is no sink and airpot in that room. So I still prefer using the expression room even if a lot of us are already using it.

This is why I’m really against that new bill that will change the existing Milk Code. It will remove the 40 minute paid lactation breaks for working mothers! If you haven't signed the petition, please sign up here.

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