Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Talking House

I've been having a dialogue with myself.

Me: I’ve been itching to have our own home since the start of the year. If only it were that simple! I’ve really been longing to have our own home. I want us to move to a bigger space. But not too big that our family won’t be able to see each other often. But small enough to still keep it cozy and homey. This is really my immediate dream for my family. Even though I convinced myself that we’ll need to stay put for now, at the back of my mind I still want our dream home. To tell you the truth, I want it as soon as possible.  I want my dream home to be a reality NOW. Oh I want it sooo bad!!!!
Me (in answer): I will not rush into this. We need enough money to spend on the lot, on building the house, on finishing the house and on buying the furnishings for our home. We need time to save on it. NO need to rush. Save, save and save. We’ll do this big project when we have enough money. And no need to settle for anything less. Buy the best for everything in our dream home – that is the goal. We don’t want to scrimp on the building materials. We need to build a home that will last us a lifetime (ours and our (child)ren’s children).

Was the argument settled? Not yet! LOL! 


Anna said...

I like the Answer! Hehe, nakiki asungot lang. I felt that too - but then the itched died down, and now we figure, save for the dream house. Agree, I don't want to scrimp on anything. It's the dream house - or bust!

Also, things have a weird way of unfolding. We inherited our lola's house and all of a sudden, we had an in-between house that we are very happy with, so to speak. But prior to this, I'd have the same debate you did too. Basta, the universe has a way of suprising us, kaya hang on lang!

cris said...

Hey, thanks Anna! :D Oy, I'm still waiting for your blow-by-blow account of your house renovation ha.

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