Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank You and Good Night

At Miya’s age now, it’s very easy for us to teach her things. She can follow instructions and I think she comprehends things already.

Saying thank you

Miya’s so cute, she now knows how to say “Thank You” or “Tatu”. At first we just tell her to say “Thank you” when somebody hands her something. She also sees us saying “thank you” to each other. Until eventually she got it! One night, her yaya handed her her toothbrush and automatically she said, “Tatu” without us telling her to do it. And now she knows when to say it. When we hand her something, she says “Tatu.” When we do something for her that she asks us to do, she says “Tatu.” One time, she was insisting that I give her her tube of medicine (for her AP) or something else (I forgot what it was but I’m sure she can’t have ) I didn’t give it at first. But my daughter is pretty persuasive so I handed it to her at the same time I was getting frustrated with her, and then she said “Tatu” in her sweetest voice and she’s really thankful when she says it. My hubby said, “O pano ka pa magagalit jan e nag-thank you na sayo.”  


Miya sees me and her daddy praying before eating dinner. During weekdays, this is the only mealtime she sees us eating. She has usually eaten already by the time we get home. And usually I pray my prayers before grace by putting my hand in my mouth. She picked that up because a few nights after that when I told her we’re going to pray before going to bed, she put her hands over her mouth hehe! Now when I tell her we’re going to pray, she says “Iwaw” (Ilaw) meaning, we should turn off the lights because it’s prayer time and sleeping time after that. So I put her hands together in prayer and usually just say a short one “Thank you Lord for my milk (or anything else). Please bless Mommy, please bless Daddy, please bless Miya.” And then we make the sign of the cross “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” She smiles after this. She likes praying although I’m pretty sure she’s not really aware on what is happening.

Saying Good Night

We also taught her to kiss good night when it’s time to sleep. Btw, when she kisses she says "MMMwah!" When she sees me and her Daddy kissing goodnight, she wants us to do it again and again. As in she holds the back of my head and pulls me towards her Daddy (she sleeps between us). She gets kilig when we kiss hahaha!  


M said...

haha. lia naman, she copies the sound of our kiss. nagulat na lang kami, after our good night kiss, ginagaya na niya yung sound. kids!! :)

cris said...

they're like a sponge noh? talagang they absorb everything they see :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cris!

Copy cat talaga sila. I always tell my daughter to pray before going to bed. She makes me gaya so she whispers her bedtime prayer. When I told her finally that I want to hear her pray aloud, nagulat ako at all this time, Grace before meals ang dinadasal for bedtime!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! =)

cris said...

Hi Pepper! That's so funny! LOL

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