Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Little Sunshine In The Park

Hello there! I hope you’re safe and dry with your families. Let's all pray for the families affected by the floods and all the rescue team as well. Our family is okay, my parents and brother stayed with us yesterday and I think they’ll be staying with us again this evening as the roads leading to their home are still unpassable. Three years after Ondoy, and they’re back to getting floodwaters in the street. Haaay. I’m rethinking our position of getting a house near their place. What if both our houses are flooded? Atleast now, they have somewhere to go to (our home) when their area is flooded.

Joema and I talked about it this morning and figured this is one of the advantages of living in a condo – you won’t worry about flood. But we’re still convinced on getting our own house and lot someday. Anyway, one of the things I love about going to my parents’ home is that there is a small play area in the village. So one Sunday morning while staying with my parents, our little family went to the park and played at the swing for a little while.

Look at my happy little girl
Bye bye, we're going to the park
Look Ma, no hands!

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