Monday, August 13, 2012

Peek-a-boo and Other Anecdotes

Like most kids her age, Miya loves to play peek-a-boo (or maybe hide-and-seek at this point). She likes going under the blanket and pretends she’s not there and then says “baaa!” to “surprise” us. She even goes inside Joema’s shirt to “hide” and then would say “baaa” to surprise me. I put the quotes on surprise because we already know she’s there. It’s amazing how she can keep quiet while hiding. She sometimes surprises us whenever we go inside the bathroom. She would tell her daddy to go beside the bathroom door (outside) and turn off the lights so that when I get out of the bathroom she can surprise me.  One morning she and her daddy discovered a new hiding place.

The first time she was with her dad but she decided she wanted to do it on her own. I was scared she might get frightened inside because it’s dark. But she wasn’t afraid, my little brave girl.

She also now knows what to reply when asked: “What’s your name?” She says “Meee-ya.” And then when asked “How old are you?” she will hold up one finger and say “Two” hahaha. When we count (I count and she counts along with me), she only says two, tee, two, tee, two, tee but she gets the “tone” of counting from one to ten.

When asked “San si Mommy/Daddy?” she says “wok” and then her yaya follows with “para may pambili ng..” then miya will say “pit-sah.” Although sometimes it’s still “it-sah.”

We don’t have a hard time giving Miya her vitamins, even her antihistamine for her skin asthma. She will dutifully open her mouth wide and take the medicine. Although nowadays before drinking her vitamins, she will cover her face as if she doesn’t want to so we sort of trick her this way “Pakita mo kay bird na magaling ka uminom ng vitamins” hehehe she loves looking at birds outside our window. After that she will open her mouth wide to take the teaspoon with vitamins. Or when she doesn’t want to drink her antihistamine, I tell her Winnie the Pooh (her stuff toy) will drink the medicine too after her and Pooh wants to see her first drinking it. So after that she will happily lie down (the medicine is in the form of drops).

P.S. Miya knows how to "play" Pinoy Henyo. She says "Oo...oo" or "Hindi...hindi" and "Pde..pde" with the correct head movement (tango or iling). Sometimes Jomea will put his hand on her or his forehead, just like how one will play it if you write the word on paper, and Miya looks as if she's really looking at the forehead of her daddy. LOL!

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