Monday, September 03, 2012

After The Break

After finishing the self-imposed 30 day blogging challengein June, I only blogged 3 times for the month of August. Ay sus!

I’m now breaking my blogging silence to blog about F1! They went on a month-long break (almost as long as my blogging break) after the Hungarian GP in July. It was an exciting race yesterday although we weren’t able to watch the first half of it (more on that in a separate blog – I hope!). I wasn’t able to watch the qualifying session on Saturday too but I was updated and knew that Vettel will be starting 11th place during race day after not qualifying for Q3.  Anyways, I was so happy to come home to a 5th place Vettel running after Hulkenberg at 3rd and his teammate Webber in 4th place. And when the two drivers pitted, Vettel was up in 2nd (Raikkonen who was previously 2nd also pitted). Yahoo! When we saw from the lineup that Grosjean, Alonso and Hamilton already retired, I told hubby there might be some accident on the first corner with these 3 drivers. But I never imagined it was a major accident, here are the photos:

I’m a fan of Vettel but I never really wish for any harm to other drivers, especially a life-threatening as this one. I actually felt sad when I saw the footage when they showed it on Checkered Flag (after Race Day in Star Sports). Nakakapanghina looking at the video, imagine what could have happened if Grosjean’s car flew directly on top of Alonso’s head. Good thing though is that safety is always the number one priority in F1. Even though the crash looked aweful and in any ordinary circumstances the drivers might not come out alive, last night the three drivers were all alright after the crash, no injuries, everyone was okay. Here are some photos:

Grosjean's car flying over Alonso's Ferrari. Source.
Alonso's Ferrari after the crash. Source.

Alonso's perspective. Photo from his twitter account - @alo_official 

Here's a video of what happened.

Grosjean was handed a 50,000 Euro penalty and a one-race ban. I think he won’t be driving in Monza next week. Hopefully, next week there won't be any major accidents. And hopefully, Vettel will get to win a race again! 

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