Friday, September 21, 2012

Sick Kid

How’s your week going? Well, mine’s not really good coz the baby has fever. She first had it on Wednesday afternoon. Good thing, hubby was able to leave work early so we were at home at a fairly early hour. Then I had to skip work yesterday since she had low-grade fever when we woke up yesterday. Her fever is around 38.2 or 38.1, that’s the highest temp she had. Nothing to fear, I guess. She’s not matamly and she still eats and drinks her milk but I can’t help but worry. Yesterday, while I was with her she was okay the whole day after drinking her med. Her temp went up at around 37.5 during the evening so I let her drink Calpol (only 1.2ml) again so that she can sleep soundly and not be bothered by her fever – I was advised by her pedia to only give her medicine when fever reaches 38. This morning when we left she also had temp of 37.2 so the yaya gave her medicine. But I instructed her afterwards not to give medicine anymore if her temp is below 38. I don’t want to overdose my kid. We haven’t really went to the pedia for check-up since I’m sure we’ll only be advised to observe her and go back if her fever is more than 3 days already. The instructions from her pedia on medication was told to me the last time she had fever. So that’s what we’re doing, observing her. I’m hoping she’ll be okay by tomorrow. Joema and I had plans for tomorrow. I’m not sure what we’ll do if she’s still stick by then. Oh well, let’s roll with the punches.

I hope you have a good weekend!


M said...

Get well soon Miya. I pray that she'll be fine soon and sana it's just one of those "lagnat laki" as they say. God bless! :)

cris said...

Hi Marsy! Miya's doing well na, thanks! Glad to hear your Lia's out of the hospital na.

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