Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend: Downs and Ups

After blogging about my sick daughter last Friday, it turned worse. Around 4pm, our yaya texted me that Miya's temp was at 38.6 so she gave her Calpol. After a few minutes, Miya was vomitting. I immediately went home. I arrived past 5pm and she was still weak from all the vomitting. I carried her and asked, "What's owie?" She pointed to her head and her mouth. She was still feverish then because she threw up the meds she took earlier. For about an hour, she would throw up once in a while sometimes just saliva and nothing else. She was so kawawa. I was broken hearted. I smelled like vomit but I didn't care. I took care of her. I gave her a sponge bath and then after an hour we gave her meds again. She was feeling a bit better afterwards. She asked if we can go upstairs na, so we went even if it's not yet sleeping time. I thank God, she was better almost immediately after. When Joema got home, she's almost her usual self. After a few more hours, she was okay already. I also called her pedia just to make sure. He told us to give her round-the-clock meds and bring her the next day for check-up. Since Joema was in a hurry to go home, he wasn't able to passby the pedia's clinic to list Miya down for the next day's check-up. On Saturday, we had to wait for almost two hours before she was checked by the pedia. Thank God, she was not ill anymore. There was a toddler in the clinic who was sick, she was so matamlay, I feel for her.

Playing at the pedia's clinic while waiting for her turn

That Friday night, we had to forego a dinner with some friends because Miya was sick. We had to cancel our plans for the weekend because we weren't sure if she'll be okay during the entire weekend. Good thing, the doctor said it was viral respiratory tract infection and she wouldn't be sick any more. True enough, she was well enough after (well, even before the check-up).

So for dinner on Saturday, we asked our friends if they could dropby our condo to have dinner with us. One of Miya's ninongs is home from Singapore during the weekend. He hasn't seen Miya since she was born. At first, Miya didn't want to come near him. But later on with some bribery, she softened up to him hehe. You know what he used to briber her? Pizza! The moment she saw the pizza delivered to our unit, she was calling out to him "Ninong! Ninong! Kiss!" even volunteering to kiss him hahaha!

with Ninong Bud

Sunday was my mom's birthday. We ordered from Amber's (their crispy pata is the best) and bought cake for her. Miya, of couse, sang "Happy Birthday" to her Yaya - that's how she says Lola or sometimes it's Yoya. My mother was more than happy.

Happy birthday, Lola!

All in all, the good trumped the bad. Even Vettel had a good weekend (he finally won another race this season and in Singapore no less!). How was your weekend?


daysinawagon said...

Miya you are so so cute! Glad to know you are healthy and well. =)

cris said...

Thank you, Pepper! :)

M said...

aww. i hate "viral" eklavoos na yan :( glad miya is well already.

cris said...

Thanks Marsy!

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