Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Christmas Came Early

... for me and Miya!

Miya's Ninang Rhoda gave her this wonderful desk! This was actually given to me Monday but was not able to bring it out of the car because Joema was feeling sick when we got home (the box was huge and I can't carry it myself haha). So last night, even though we had grocery bags when we got out of the car, I told Joema we should go back to the car and bring out the box for Miya to finally see her Ninang's gift to her. Miya was so excited when she saw the big box. When her Daddy unboxed the parts, she was there picking some of the parts (see those pink tumblers at the corner of the table, she picked those up). She said "sulat, sulat" in her bulol way hehehe. And then...tada!

Sulat sulat

As for me, my loot from Mikka arrived! And since there were a lot of items in the bag, it felt like I was really opening Chrismtas gifts! I was pleasantly surprised that the Coco Chika dress is pink! I thought it would be black as seen in Mikka's post. So yey I finally have something to wear for a wedding I'm attending this weekend!


daysinawagon said...

I love the desk! It's so modern and FUN! And that loot --- Congratulations! =) I haven't seen that kind of bag in a long time!

cris said...

Hay naku that desk after a few days, puro sulat na ng crayons hahaha!

And that bag, di ba?? Parang pangpalengke lang yan dati e hahaha! Pero gamit na as sosyal packaging hihi

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