Thursday, October 04, 2012

When Miya Met Babee

As with all Filipino children, Miya was not spared from this big bee's charms. We don't really frequent Jollibee but when she started knowing the bee, we had to give in. She loves their spaghetti (although she loves all kinds of spaghetti's, my cooking, McDo's, basta spaghetti she will eat - kinda like her love affair with pizza but with spaghetti it's more like affair). We actually discovered this one. Our first quiet meal as a family of three was at Jollibee Shangri-la. She ate her spaghetti quietly while Mommy and Daddy finish our own meal. Well, she was doen eating before I was so Joema had to take her out and watch the water display at the basement. But still, she behaved and ate at their high chair for a solid 10 or maybe 15 minutes. Hurrah!

This is on another occassion of eating out at Jollibee. She didn't want to seat at the high chair and wanted to sit on my lap but she still ate a lot of spaghetti. 
So I was excited for her when we went to our first Jollibee party - my inaanak's first birthday party. Unfortunately as it was a Saturday and we were coming from Mandaluyogn while the celebratiion was in QC, we arrived at the party super duper late. As in Jollibee was already about to give the lootbags. But it was still a good thing because Jollibee personally handed Miya's lootbag to her. But alas alas, the little girl was "tatot!" (takot as she says).

This was after convincing her to look at the camera. Look at her hand holding on to me haha.

But you know what, this little girl of mine is brave. Even when she was "tatot" with Jollibee she still wants to look at their photo together every day. Every time she sees us holding the Iphone, she will say "Babee, Babee!" And then when she sees the photo, she says "tatot" although she just says it matter-of-factly like telling us she got scared when she saw Jollibee.

A side note on that tatot thing, she really scurries off sometimes when she sees something on TV that she's scared off like one of the characters on Hippa Hippa Hey (we just couldn't figure out if it's Hippa, Sofie or Bowow she's scared of, or even that thing they ride). If she's watching near the TV and then she sees that this show is about to start, she will run towards us and hug us while saying "tatot tatot" but she still watches the show. She also have one book she's scared of which she calls "Moo" because the cover is a cow. It's a pop-up book with the snout of the animals being the pop-up part. She removed the pop-up parts so what's left of the animals are just the face with a big gaping mouth, not even an open mouth ha. Imagine your mouth getting blown off so your gums are showing and the outline of the mouth is gone, that is the image of the animals in the book now hahaha. So she really has a point there in getting scared. But as I say, she's brave or maybe courageous because even if she's scared, she wills herself to look and hold the book. She gets over her fear of the book although she still doesn't want to open it. She just says hi to the cow on the cover haha!

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M said...

So cute! Like din ni Lia si Jabee! I don't know what's with him at nalu-lurkey ang kids :(

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