Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 + 1 = 3


Congratulations to the youngest triple world champion, Sebastian Vettel! He won three drivers' championship in three consecutive years! And he's only 25!

This year's F1 season was tight race between the drivers. Sebastian only started winning races one after the other at the second half of the season. And with only 13 points ahead of Alonso going into the last race (Brazil), anything can happen. Since the last race is in Brazil, I wasn't able to watch the qualifying live. I only knew about the results the next day (Sunday) when I woke up. I was a bit disappointed that Vettel was only P4 but I tried being positive and thought this is where he needs to be to win the championship. Alonso was P8 but was later on promoted to P7 when Maldonado was handed a 10-grid penalty. When Sunday night came, I was sleepy by 10pm so Miya and I went to sleep. But before the race started, hubby woke me up to tell me the race is about to start. I was too sleepy so I told him I won't watch it anymore. But a few minutes after midnight, Miya woke up for her feeding. That's when I heard on TV that Vettel is now P16. What the heck happened?!!? That surely woke me up. So after feeding Miya, I went downstairs to Joema and watched the race. It was lap 9 when I joined him and Vettel was P6 by that time. I had to ask him why Vettel was at the back of the grid when I heard it. Apparently there was an accident at the start of the race. It was a phenomenal race. I thought every single driver was at their best. And I must say this, I'm not a fan of Button but after the race I now think that he is a good driver. He can manage his tyres well and he drives well in the rain. I'm not going through the race lap by lap because you can read about it here and here.

I had a lump in my throat when the camera showed the Red Bull crew celebrating Vettel's victory. I was holding back tears! I was so so happy for him and for the entire team (Red Bull sealed the constructor's championship in Austin). All their hard work had paid off. They were extremely happy. I was also touched that they are really and genuinely happy not only for the team, but for Vettel. Christian Horner hugged Vettel so hard and so many times when they saw each other. Haaay...bromance at its best hahaha!

Here's to more championships!!!


daysinawagon said...

Grabe I am so amazed Cris. You're the only female I know who loves F1 and actually blogs about it. Ang alam ko lang naguunahan ang mga race cars and thats it. Lucky hubby you have! =)

cris said...

It's actually mu hubby who influenced me in watching F1. Pero ngayon mas addict pa ko sa kanya hahahaha! I love the sports kasi it's so scientific (geek speaking!) - physics and all LOL

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