Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boracay 2012 - Day 2 Afternoon

After lunch we went to a nice spot at the beach. This is the same spot we had the afternoon before but this time we stayed under the shade of the tree. This was around 3pm already. Miya woke up while we stayed here. Just in time to eat, too. Her Ninong bought french fries for Miguel (who didn't eat lunch) so they ate that. Both Miya and Miguel feasted on french fries the entire trip haha! 

Still munching
Then it's swimming time! 

As usual ayaw paawat ng anak ko for a few minutes of picture taking. Look what happens on the next picture..
Ayan kasi ayaw pahawak hahaha! Don't worry nothing happened to her. She enjoyed doing this actually.
Jump shot!

More photos after the jump..

Miya: walking walking ... ay! fish!
Anticipating the wave...look at that face!
So happy!
Her nyehehehe face

I love it here Mommy
My little duckling
We stayed at the beach until sunset

Beautiful sunset
We stayed at the beach until sunset. The boys went to Jonah's to pick up some merienda. Again the kids had french fries while we all had shake. Then we went back to Hawaiian Barbecue to pick up our left over ribs and had them heated. This was our dinner for that night hehe. The boys bought additional siomai and rice and some beverage to make it a feast. So after washing up, we were all ready for dinner. 

We bought rice and siomai from a nearby stall when we got back to the hotel
After eating, our family called it a night. Miya was already sleepy. While Joy's family still went out to buy some pasalubong. They were able to see a firedance and had their photo taken at the "Boracay" sand castle. Maybe next time for our family, atleast we have a reason to go back to Boracay. 

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