Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boracay 2012 - Day 2 Morning

12 November 2012

Woke up late on our second day around 8:30am. I actually woke up earlier than that but since both hubby and baby were still asleep, I went back to sleep. Just goes to show how tired we all were the day before. I was woken up the ringing of our phone, it was Kyla asking us if we're ready for breakfast. But since we just woke up, I told them to go ahead and eat and we'll follow. One of the other good things about this trip is that Miya bonded with her godsister and godbrother (and Ninong and Ninang). She didn't want to leave their site. Everytime we go back to our room she always asks/says "Ninong" or "Kyky" or "Miguel". She didn't look for Joy but by the time the trip was over she knew their names very very well.

They were inseparable
After breakfast we went outside to the beach. We decided to stay at the beach just outside our hotel during the morning and then go to Station 1 in the afternoon. This way we didn't have to go back and forth like what we did the previous day.

Miya had a bathroom accident so we had to wash up earlier than usual hahaha. I think she's also sleepy that's why she didn't resist when I told her we need to wash up arleady. But the moment we're all washed she kept on asking for her Ninong so we went back to the beach. By this time, the kids were just on the shore playing with sand and they were also having merienda. Which reminded me I wanted to eat corn but look who ate it. Kidding, we shared the corn.

And then the kids (and Joy) got their hair braided. Look at my little daughter. She was so behaved the entire time. I think it's also because she's used to this, the yaya across our unit braids her hair too.

When they we're all done, we rode the tricycle  to Station 1 for lunch. On the tricycle ride, I had to feed Miya since she was asking for milk. She was so sleepy, she fell asleep on the short ride.

She slept the entire time we had lunch. We were craving for barbecue but since we couldn't find the restaurant we saw the previous night, we decided to eat at the first barbecue place we saw - Hawaiian Barbecue. Good thing, it turned out to be a wise decision. We enjoyed the food.

To be continued...


M said...

wow! i was thinking to have lia's hair braided din when we were in bora, but i was anxious na di mag-behave si lia. inggit tuloy ako kay miya. hehe :)

cris said...

Haha don't worry atleast you have reason na to back :P

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