Friday, November 23, 2012

Miya Daldal

Miya is really talkative nowadays. As her Ninang Joy said to her other Ninang, "Ang daldal ni Miya. Nung nasa Boracay kami tumitigil lang sya magsalit pag tulog." Nyahahaha!  So maybe I'll start a series on her talkativeness here.
  • Lately, she wants to watch Jollibee videos on Youtube. She'll say, "Baybee gangnam."  Yes, she wants to watch Jollibee dancing Gangname style. This is the video we frequent on Youtube. 
  • Speaking of Jollibee, aside from spaghetti she likes french fries. She's so cute when she says french fries - more like "fwench fwies."
  • I think she loves saying any word with F. She says "Iphwown" when she wants to hold her dad's phone. Or she says "fwan" for the electric fan. Or "fwag" for her toy frog. She says "beybi fwag" or "mommy fwag" hihi so cute!
  • She also likes the flash mob dance that the crew and cast of The Big Bang Theory did. Joema introduced this to her. She'll say "Bing bang" hahaha. The other night, Joema told her to say "Bazinga", she says it more like "Mmmzinga" 


Aimee Diego said...

I am such a Big Bang Theory fan! Thanks for sharing this! This totally made my day! :)

M said...

bazinga! miya is so daldal!! :)

cris said...

@Aimee, we love Big Bang Theory too!

@Mars, super daldal hahaha!

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