Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boracay Day 3

13 November 2012

Our flight back home to Manila was not until 2pm that day. But since we had to allot atleast an hour travel time from Boracay island to the airport and then another two hours for the customary check-in me before our flight, we decided to leave around 10am that day. Joy's family's flight was an hour earlier than ours but we decided to go with them when they leave. Both Joema and Miya woke up a bit late that day. I was up already by 5:30am and started to pack. They weren't awake by 7am and I was started to get a little bit worried because I knew Miya would want to swim again. Joy and her kids were up by 7am, they ate breakfast and I think was at the beach by 8am. I had to wake up Joema and Miya around that time if we want to swim that morning. I brought Miya out with me to the beach with the thought of just meeting up with Joy and her family, while Joema took a bath. Sure enough, Miya wanted to swim so we went back to our room and dressed up in our bathing suits.

Our bagong gising look
Miya playing with her bubbles
It looked like we're the only ones there but the beach was packed! 
Just want to add this photo because Miya looks like she's thinking hehe

We just had enough time for a quick swim, breakfast and then it was time to say bye-bye.It started to rain just before we left our hotel. Thank God for blessing us a sunny morning before we left.

Goodbye, Boracay!
It's not my first time to visit Boracay but I don't remember enjoying this place as much before. I fell in love with the place. I think much of this comes from how much Miya enjoyed our trip. We'll visit again soon, Boracay!


Sharina said...

Kainggit naman! Ang saya ng Bora pics mo :) Glad you enjoyed!!

cris said...
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cris said...

Hi Sharina! Yes, we really enjoyed the place:)

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