Thursday, December 13, 2012

Miya's Kitchen

We don't really buy toys for Miya. I can probably count in my one hand the toys that we've bought her ever since she was born. Most of her toys are gifts to her. As I've mentioned in my tips for first-time moms, you don't have to buy so many toys for your babies because they will find delight in the every day things. Most babies go through their gadget phase like they really love playing with remote controls, cellphones or any other item that has a lot of buttons. They also love playing peek-a-boo and playing pretend. The only thing that really matters to them are their parents. They just want our love and full attention.

So anyway, having said that I also don't want to deprive my daughters toys. I'm pretty sure she will come to the age when she will ask for toys. But in the meantime, we limit buying toys for her. I want her to have the toys that I never had but I so wanted to have when I was a kid (or even now that I'm a grownup) like a big dollhouse or play kitchen haha. Last week I've bought Miya this Little Tikes kitchen and laundry playset. This is second hand from a friend and she sold it to me for a song. I actually had to convince Joema to buy this because first we don't have space in our home for this and second he thought Miya was too young to enjoy this. I was finally able to convince him when I told him we can leave the toy at my parents' home and even if Miya is too young to enjoy this at this stage, she will enjoy this in the next few months. On the second item, Joema was soo wrong.

Miya was excited to see the playset. "Wooow" she said when her dad was getting it off the car. It was so big  it didn't fit the car trunk (we have a fairly small car), it was placed at the back seat. She didn't know where to start playing. The kitchen and laundry playset came with a few small items like plates, glasses and utensils. She was a happy baby, and I am a happy mommy!

"No water in the faucet?"

"I need to wash this cup"

"Okay, this for first"


"What can I cook from my ref?"

"Okay let's microwave this"


Aimee Diego said...

What an adorable kitchen! :-)

cris said...

It's so cute! I want to play with it, too hahahaha!

daysinawagon said...

Lucky you!!! Ang mahal ng brand new nyan Cris ah. Adriana will be so inggit! Haha! Happy playing!

cris said...

@Pepper, I know right! Kaya pinagpilitan ko talaga kay hubby na bilhin na kasi super sayang if we let it go.

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