Wednesday, December 05, 2012


For our annual division retreat, our team went karting at Go-Kart, Park Square. You know how I love Formula 1, but the excitement really didn't occur to me until we got there, until I saw this.

I actually remember feeling nervous the moment I woke up on that day. My thought was what if I need to know how to drive for karting? I initially thought it's like bump cars but that morning I was so scared of driving. I've learned how to drive a car but I never really drove for myself haha. I always have someone to drive for me so either that or I commute. Anyway, I only got excited when I saw F1 references on the karting area - checkered flags, photos of F1 drivers, the track. Instantly I knew this would be fun. First thing you need to do is register on their computer and then they will take your photo. After that we were briefed on how it will all go. First was we were grouped into 8 individuals per group. Each group is given 12 minutes to practice. The flags were also discussed to us. I was part of the first group and I was the slowest! And I blame it on the kart that was assigned to me hahaha. Because I'm short, I had a hard time keeping my foot on the gas pedal. My kart would always stop the minute I lift my foot from the gas pedal. And because I was slow, I was always blue flagged hahaha! And they don't just wave the blue flag, they will wave it and point at you telling you to get out of the way!!!! Hay, after this I feel for Naraine Karthikeyen. I have a new found respect for all the drivers. It's not easy to be a race car driver!

And then based on our individual times, we were grouped into 7 groups of 3/4 individuals per group. Then it was race time! The winner will be the group with the most number of laps in an hour. And each driver is only allowed to drive for not less than 9 minutes and not more than 11 minutes at a time. So each driver will drive twice in a span of an hour. This part I enjoyed because I didn't have a hard time driving the kart. But but but I was still slow. Good thing my teammates were good drivers. We finished 5th and not kulelat hahaha (We were 7 groups). And they were very supportive! They never let me feel that I was the slowest hahaha. They always tell me after my drive that I did a good job. My female teammate even told me some tips because she was the first one to drive for our team, we had time to discuss on what are the speed corners and where are the braking zones. Naks! Well, not really that technical but she really did gave me some useful tips. Our team's strategy is that I will be the last one to drive for the first and second run so that we can limit the seat adjustments - both my teammates are 6-footers so the kart had to be adjusted when I go for a drive. On my first stint our team was number 1 (this is after the drive of my two teammates). I was doing well until all the drivers caught up with me. And since I was slow and I was trying to defend my position they kept on bumping my rear. One of my colleagues bumped me too hard that my kart hit the barriers, my helmet flew. My kart wouldn't start after this. I had to ask the marshall if instead of replacing my kart, my teammate will instead start from the pits with a new kart which is what we did. I think we were 6th when I was replaced by me teammate. My teammates again were able to catch up but after my second stint, we ended up as 5th. Most of the teams had a different strategy, their last drivers were the fastest one so that they can catch up with all the other teams. I wanted us to do the same but both my teammates were like, "It's okay, don't worry, we'll do okay." Which is actually a good thing because it took the pressure off my back. I was relieved that we were 5th. I thought we were 7th after my second drive. Whew!

Now onto the photos (mostly photos of me since I don't have permission from my colleagues to post their photos here hehehe...

Suiting up
Oh yeah I'm feeling it!
That's me again keeping that fast car behind me hahaha!
Waiting for my turn
My supportive teammates!
Here are the winners

All of us! We enjoyed karting!

Urban Karting Manila
Level 7 Park Square 1
Makati City


Aimee Diego said...

I've never tried Karting! Looks like fun!

cris said...

You should try it, Aimee! Best to go with a big group so that you can monopolize the track like we did hehe

DevMommy said...

Tried that before. Ang ingat ko daw mag drive kahit Go-Kart! :))

cris said...

We noticed the same thing - my officemates who are careful drivers in real life (with their cars) were also very careful sa gokarts. And those na kaskasera with their cars are kaskasera in the track :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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