Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Samurai X

So many things happened during the weekend (our office party, party with my college friends, my goddaughter's Christening, Manny Pacquaio's KO) and that only means I have a few items on my checklist for blogposts. Let me start with the easiest one to write about  - Samurai X.

Last week I saw a few posters of Samurai X at SM Megamall. At first, I didn't notice it that much. I just saw a poster with Japanese people on it..until I read the letters and phrases on the poster ...Ruruoni Kenshin! And then Samurai X. In one of our rides home, I mentioned it to Joema and he said that it was only showing at SM cinemas and that it was for a limited time only. I told him we can watch it at the nearby SM from my parent's place over the weekend (because we're visiting). But because of the flurry of activities last Sunday, we didn't have time to go the cinema. So I told him we can still watch it after going home, we can just go to SM Megamall to watch the last full show. When I searched the screening times I saw that Podium had an earlier screening time than Megamall so we went there first. When we got to the ticketing area, the lady there told us that the tickets are sold out. Huwat?!?! So we transferred to Megamall, when we got there almost all the people in front us lining up for tickets is buying for Samurai X. It was being shown in a guaranteed seat cinema so you had to choose your seat and I can see that almost all the seats were already taken. I'm so glad we still got pretty good seats, it was near the screen already but we didn't have any problems viewing the screen. We totally underestimated this movie..we thought we were the only ones who would want to watch it haha!

I love love love the movie! It's like watching the anime all over again. And if you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'll know that I loved the anime. I love that there were specific shots in the film that took me back to watching the anime. Those shots with Kenshin being his wacky self or the first time he came out in his red and white kimono. The funny scenes were also there like the fight scene with Sanosuke. Since this is a live movie, the dark plots of the anime were portrayed as very dark (sorry for the lack of word) in this film. When they showed the first time Kenshin had to assassinate someone, the killing was brutal! If you're a fan of the anime, you better watch this film! I think it's still being shown in some SM cinemas. The movie is so good, the audience clapped after the screening. I don't even remember when the last time was when I was this excited about a movie! This movie made me want to rewatch the whole anime series again..and I also want to go to Japan!!!

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