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Babies and Christmas

21 December 2012

We’ve been to several Christmas parties last December (and I’m pretty sure you have been too). And one of them was a party with some of friends at work. I’ve only known these girls for less than five years (some of them even for less than a year) but I’m grateful I have them in my life. Truly! I guess when you grow older, you treasure these kinds of relationship. I’m not an entirely friendly person actually haha, I’m no Ms Congeniality. If you ask some of them, you’ll know. I only keep a handful of friends and those different groups are tight-knit. Hehe sorry for the emo intro, it must be because I’m going to be another year older in a few weeks time.

Anyhoo, this party was a lot more funner because we were able to bring the kids. And what’s a more beautiful way to welcome another kiddo in the group by throwing the mommy a baby shower. So technically this is a baby shower and Christmas party in one hehe.

Here are the photos:

Miya with Tita Lynne and Tita Mads

Let's attack the food!
I was in charge of the games. Our games is baby shower themed instead of Christmas. One of the games is  called Back and Forth Birth Story. We formed a circle and  passed our gift to our left or right depending on the story (as I'm reading it). The story is about Mr. and Mrs. Wright who is about to give birth. We also did this in our Christmas merienda (although different story). 

The next game is called Delectable Diaper. The teams had to correctly identify the chocolates in the diaper. But we microwaved the chocolate bars and it looked like poo.

Dirty nappy anyone?

Mads trying to eat the poo chocolate off the nappy
Next up is Diaper Designer. The teams used tissue papers to create diapers for their babies.

Lynne as the baby looking like a sumo wrestler hehe
Of course they had to model it

Bottle Chugging is next. Used old bottles (but unused) that I have in stock and put orange juice in them.


The big winner! Tumatalikod pa sa camera para di makunan haha!

Next is "Spit the Binky" game. But since pacifiers are more expensive that teats, I bought teats that are packed in 4s instead. we had very limited budget for the games hahaha. My instructions to them were "Chupchupin ang chupon at ibuga" hahaha!

While the adults were playing, my little girl had some fun with the extra large teddy bear.

Since this was also a Christmas Party, we had our exchange gift.

We also gave a gift to the Mommy-to-be Tin (she has already given birth as of press time).

Class picture of course before we ended:

These two played while we cleaned up.

*Got all my games from Babycenter


Anonymous said...

great games (and pictures)! but i loved the extra-big teddy bear best :P

cris said...

Thanks Eds! I actually love playing host for my friends :)

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