Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Lunch and Merienda

17 December 2012

You really know it's December already when your calendar is packed with Christmas lunches left and right. And because we just don't have enough days for lunches with friends, we move them to merienda.

Christmas Lunch with breastfeeding mommies

It's so nice to see these familiar faces again. Most of them I don't see anymore in our Expression Room so this lunch was a welcome treat. One hour is not enough to talk to these women. We had a little exchange gift - bought gifts for our kids. Mommy Rocel got my Miya a gift. (Hello Rocel if you're reading this).

Christmas Merienda

Our little group had a little Christmas celebration of our own. We had simple merienda of Amber's spaghetti and peachy-peachy. I had them play some games (I was the designated game master) and we had a fun round of exchange gifts from our white elephants.

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