Friday, January 18, 2013

Back at Our Fave Place

22-23 December 2012

Because we were bitin in our Christmas party held a week before this, we did another round of partying. This time at our friend’s very nice rest house. We always tell them jokingly that we’re fortunate to be friends with them because we can go here for free hehehe. I joke that I’m grateful to Joema because he married me, or else I won’t be part of their group hahaha!

Promise hindi sadyang naka-violet kaming lahat

Pre-brithday treat of Joy courtesy of Mek


This is how it will be like when we have two kids hehe

David, Jo and Nickie were able to join us before they left for Singapore. Yay!

Miya and Baby L kissing. They loved kissing each other hahaha! Miya is very affectionate. She loves kissing people.

More photos of our second day after the jump...

We forgot to bring Miya’s bathing suit so we had to buy one along the highway. When she saw this Duckie, she wanted to take it home so we bought it together with a soccer ball.

Miya is so likot! And this photo is proof! The head and drum of this nutcracker fell off! When I told her Ninang she said it's head was already lose. But later on, she found out that the nutcracker was in good shape before we came. Oh my! 

Group shot before David and Jo left for the day. They left early for David's nephew's baptism back in Manila. They were supposed to wake up early (7am!) but most of us slept at 5am so the 7am was too early hahaha!

Despite the cold wind, she wanted to go swimming. So swimming we went!

With her Duckie

Are wwe having fun yet?
Lovely pool

She didn't want to leave Duckie behind
Parting shot
We had so much fun as always! Thanks so much for always inviting us!


Jenine said...

I'm assuming this is a private house? :)

cris said...

Hi Jenine! Yes this is a private house.

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